Welcome to the Del Webb Cane Bay Fishing Club

Caught Jan. 18 in pond E..  We have some well fed bass.

Meetings held on first Tuesday of each month in the Resort's                                          Piccolo room at 2:00 pm.

Tournament Rules Tournament Registration begins 15 minutes prior to tournament and closes 5 minutes prior to start of tournament

Only 1 Rod with 1 hook or lure in water at a time Only Fish in Designated Lagoons - Lagoons will be decided at Tournament Registration

Must Land Fish on Bank of Lagoon for valid score

No Chumming Unless Previously agreed Upon

Catch and Release

A $5 entry fee for each tournament Each Tournaments total entry fee will be split 60/40 between first and optionally second place Ties will be considered equal for Place Finish

If more than 1 - 1st Place, there will be no 2nd Place Awarded Ties for 1st Place result in a 50/50 split of the pot. Ties for 2nd result in a 50/50 split of the 2nd place money (20% each)

All Tournaments will be scored for a Tournament Winner and Second Place at the end of year

Species specific tournaments will be scored by fish length and number of fish caught Any Species specific tournaments will be scored based on species and number caught


If there are < 10 participants for a "Partners" tournament, it will become a "Singles' tournament and scored accordingly If there are an ODD number participating in a "Partners" tournament, the "First" person drawn will participate alone and receive a double score

The total length is the maximum length of the fish, with the mouth closed and the tail fin pinched together