Welcome to the Del Webb Charleston Fishing Club

Up-coming events: Our Club Social will take place on October 23rd .  Doors open at 6 PM.  Menu includes: Baked Ziti, Fried Chicken, Ham and guest provided Salads, Sides, Desserts.  BYOB if you want Wine, Beer or other drinks.  Water and Soda will be available . Cost this year will be $7.50 per person.  Tickets will be sold at Ticket Tuesdays. This is a Members only event.


Tournament #10 Wednesday, August 21st.  Results: 6 fishermen/women fished and caught 14 Bass and 9 Catfish.  Tournament winner was Bob Watson with 7 Bass, 2nd place was a tie between Frank Clements & Don Paczynski ( 3 Bass, 2 Catfish each ). Great weather and the fish were biting.  Looking for more members to participate in the next Tournament.


Tournament #9, Thursday, July 25th results:  9 fishermen/women participated.

First place – Don Paczynski with 3 medium bass

Second place – Jim Schwab with 2 medium bass  

Others who caught fish were Pat Hawkins & Bob Watson with 1 bass each.


Tournament #8 - Resulted in a 1st place tie between Frank Clements and Pat Hawkins.  All others were skunked! 



Results from tournament #7,Wednesday, June 26th 

There was a great turnout  with 15 participants. 

Although there were only 8 Bass caught today, Don Paczynski won, catching 4 Bass.  Dave Erasmus was 2nd, catching one tagged Bass.  There was a 3-way tie for 3rd with Bob Gallagher, Jim Schwab, and Bob Watson, each catching one Bass.  The 3rd place winners chose to roll their combined share ($26) to the next Tournament.

Tournament #6. June 3rd, was a Bass Only Evening Tournament held the Lagoon Between Sea Lavender and Oyster Bay.  There were 11 member participants. It ended in a 4-way tie for 1st Place.  Frank Clements, Don Paczynski, Dave Schulte, and Bob Watson each caught 2 Bass. It was decided to roll all of the entry fees to the next tournament.

Results from Tournament #5, May 22

Bob Watson was the Winner, catching 4 medium sized Bass for 12 points. Congrats to Bob! Sandy Galpert was a close 2nd, catching 2 medium, and 1 large Bass for 11 points.  Her 21.5", 4.5lb Bass was the largest of the day.  Congrats to Sandy!

Dave Schulte and Jim Schwab tied for 3rd, catching 1 medium Bass.


Despite the early morning rain shower, 10 members fished in Tournament #4, May 9th.

The Big Winner was Dave Schulte who caught 2 mid-sized Bass that were both tagged (#113 & #114) for a total of 16 points.

New Member, Sandy Galpert, and Jim Schwab tied for 2nd Place, both catching 20+" Bass.  Jim's weighed in at 5.59lbs and measured 23".  Sandy's was 20"+ but not weighed.

Bob Watson and Pat Hawkins each caught 1 mid-sized Bass and tied for 4th place.

Tournament #3 was held at the Eagle Harbor Boys Ranch on April 24th with 10 club members participating.  It was a beautiful sunny day and the Eagle Harbor Pond was crystal clear.

Pat Haskins was the Winner, catching 10 Bass all in the medium category.

Bob Watson was a  close 2nd, catching 8 Bass in the medium category and 2 smaller.

Ace Bajko, Frank Clements, Mike D'Angelico, and Barry Hassel all tied for 3rd, catching 3 Bass each in the medium category.

Everyone participating caught at least 1 Bass, and 36 Bass were caught in total.

Jim Schwab prepared pulled pork sandwiches for the participants after the tournament.

April 12th Results. Tournament #2

Eleven hardy fishermen/women braved the weather and fished. A total of 14 bass were caught.

First place went to James raymer who caught an amazing 6 bass.

Second place was Casey Lavender with 3 Bass 

Third was Jim Schwab with 2 bass.

Next tournament, #3, is set for April 24th at the Eagle Harbor Boy's Ranch.

Fishing Tournaments

Tournament #1 . March Results

8 Club Members Participated
Howard Graham was the Winner.  He landed 5 Catfish for 10 Points.
Bob Watson was second.  He caught 1 Bass, 1 Catfish, and 3 Other for 9 Points
Honorable Mention went to Dave with 3 Catfish and 2 Other.
A total of 19 fish were caught (2 Bass, 11 Catfish, and 6 Other).